T-K.A.S.H. - Brains All Over The Streets

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In these lean times of global turmoil the hip-hop community must ask itself whether or not it is willing to step up to the plate and address issues through music and activism that are of importance to all of us. At Guerrilla Funk, we are, and there is no better representative of this commitment than T-K.A.S.H. As a Hip-Hop artist, radio personality and community activist, he is a part of movement to merge socially responsible messages with music that engages and stands the test of time.

He first introduced his style on his stellar Paris-produced debut, Turf War Syndrome, after leaving fellow revolutionary music stalwarts The Coup to join the Guerrilla Funk family of artists. Now he returns with his most inspired collection to date, touching on various social and political issues in this new post-Bush climate. Hard Truth Soldier to the fullest.

The time has never been more right for voices of opposition to be heard - so here we are. Guerrilla Funk will continue to keep pushin', releasing material of substance in the face of adversity, and hopefully rewarding those who seek more from their entertainment. Thank you for your support!

Track Listing

1. Dead Man Walking
2. Fright Night
3. Back Home
4. Pardon Me
5. Peace To My Enemies
6. That's Gangsta
7. Good Morning America
8. Better Days
9. Ol' English
10. Sign Language
11. American Made
12. Someday
13. Terror Sells
14. So Low


For digital delivery visit here.

T-K.A.S.H. - Brains All Over The Streets


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